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30% off special offer for white modern lacquer kitchen cabinet


Product Description


Product Name 30% off special offer for white modern lacquer kitchen cabinet 
Model Number R001
Carcass Material Particleboard Yes
Door Material MDF Yes
Solid wood  
Door Finish Melamine  
Lacquer Yes
Solid wood  
Thickness 18-20mm Door
12mm,16mm,18mm Carcase
5-8mm Back board
Counter-top 40mm Artificial Stone
Hardware Chinese Brand
Handles Various delicate stylish handles options 
Toe Kick PVC,Aluminium alloy or same as door panel
Size  Base cabinet  870(H) x600(D)mm
Wall cabinet  700(H) x350(D)mm
Tall cabinet  2050(H) x600(D)mm



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Size & measurement




Measuring your kitchen – Step by Step

a) Measure the room wall-to-wall.

b) Measure from the floor to the ceilings.(Measure all walls even if you do not plan to put cabinets on them as this is important for us to present you with a proper design.

Walls: a) Make a rough drawing of the shape of the room showing any walls, doors, windows, protrusions or recessed areas.
b) Measure each wall section and record the dimensions on the drawing. (A wall section is from one corner to a door way or window.)
Doors: Measure each door/path and record the width. Please indicate on your sketch if a door swings in or out of the room and which side the hinge is on.
Windows: a) height- measure from top to bottomb) width – measure across window, from right to left. (Don’t forget windows are measured from outside edge to outside edge of casing or trim.
Appliances: a) Mark the locations of where the appliances will go.
b) Record the dimensions of each appliance – height, width, and depth.
Note: If you are putting in new appliances, make sure to have the height, width, and depth, of any new stoves, dishwashers, and refrigerators ready at the time of design. If you will be getting new services such as a water line for an ice maker, or under cabinet outlets for water filters, wine keepers, or garbage disposal, please indicate that as well.
Utilities: Mark on your sketch, the exact location of the sink, water & gas lines, wall switch & receptacles, and any other obstructions in the room. Measure from the end of the wall the utility is on to the middle of the pipe/switch, etc. to note its exact location in the room.
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