GUANGZHOU POLE KITCEHN & WARDROBE CO., LTD. Was conceived with clearly defined corporate goals to participate in the economic development of China. Were the foremost in the design and manufacture of High Quality and Competitive Price of Particle Board and Melamine ,solid wood ,high lacquer,PVC ,Knock down Furniture in China.
Production commenced in 2002 and GUANGZHOU POLE KITCEHN & WARDROBE CO., LTD. now produces a wide range of Knock down Furniture of quality demanded by China Industrial Standard and International Standards. This position is maintained by the use of all in both domestic and overseas.
Pole design and manufacture of various kinds of furniture whereas the raw materials are sourced from domestic. And the materials which is the reason why our prices are highly competitive in the market.
Highly trained and experienced operators and technicians give their full attention in all stages of Production to ensure the highest quality products.
Today,Pole is a dynamic multinational company backed-up by its multi-skilled force not only active in China and Asian countries but also recognized in meeting global challenges in the highly competitive market worldwide.
We, Pole. are proud to provide you more details about our company through our Company Profile.